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Daian Club

Combining the highest quality ingredients, We grill in front of your eyes.

Premium Wagyu “Oushu” Beef from Iwate Prefecture, Fresh Sea-food from Tsukiji Fish Market, and other carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan, our Chefs perform and prepare you one of Japan's delicacies: teppanyaki, in front of you. We serve you nutritious food products, carefully selected, based on our Motto “more tasty and more healthy, every day”.
Marbled Wagyu Beef cooked with “teppan”, meaning iron plate, would be the most tender stake with no stiffness. Why not savor Japan's highest quality beef: Wagyu. It'll be the experience of a lifetime.

Hours: Lunch/11:30~15:00 (LO 14:30)
     Dinner/17:30~22:00 (LO 21:00)

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