The period of shortened business hours has been extended to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease(COVID-19).

■Opening Hours■
11:30 – 20:00 (L.O. 19:30)
*Only non-alcoholic drinks will be served from July 12th for the time being.

【Information of Course details】

We offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks from Lunch time.

■Non-alcoholic drinks course “2 hours free-flow drinks plus dishes”■
¥6,000 (inc. service charge and tax)

■Non-alcoholic three drinks set “A choice of three drinks plus dishes”■
¥5,000 (inc. service charge and tax)

※The business hours are subject to change without notice.
Please feel free to contact our staff for more information.

Gaze upon Tokyo’s beautiful nightscape while Enjoying our variety of beer and our specialty cuisine!
French restaurant “pomme d’Adam” on the eighth floor will transform its outdoor terrace into “Urban Beer Terrace”. This year we are offering draft beer from three Japanese beer makers, Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo at all times. Please enjoy our chef’s specialties with your friends on the open terrace and let the summer breeze blow around your nose.
The three Japanese beer makers (Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo) will offer a variety of beverages in addition to draft beer.
From Vinegar Sours to Non-Alcohol Beer, there are other drinks to choose from! We recommend the Upgraded Course, which includes the full drink menu of the Standard Course, plus three different premium beers.
We are happy to introduce a new course with non-alcoholic drinks.Please enjoy a variety of non-alcoholic drinks from midday.
We have prepared special dishes to enjoy together with our variety of beers this year.
In addition, enjoy the two main dishes to choose from this year.
Food menu
Amuse/Appetizer/Fish dish/Main dish(two types)※Please choose select one from these.
August Food Menu
September Food Menu
※The menu content is common to all courses.

Standard course(38types)
2 hours free-flow drinks plus dishes to go well with beer.


¥7,000 (inc. service charge and tax)
Free-Flow Drinks
Draft Beer
“Asahi Super Dry”
“Kirin Ichiban Shibori”
“Sapporo Black Label”
“Asahi Super Dry Dry Black”
Bottle Beer
“Asahi Dry The Cool”
Non-Alcohol Beer
“Asahi Dry ZERO”

Beer Cocktail(2types),Wine(Red Wine, White Wine),Sour(2types),Vinegar Sour(3types),Whisky,Shōchū,Sake, Cocktail(7types),Non-Alcohol Cocktail(2types),Vinegar Drink(3types),Soft Drink(5types)

Upgrade course(48types)
2 hours free-flow drinks plus dishes to go well with beer.


¥8,000 (inc. service charge and tax)
Free-Flow Additional Drinks
Premium beer
“Tokyo Sumidagawa Brewing Pale Ale”(Asahi)
“Tokyo Sumidagawa Brewing KOHAKU NO TOKI”(Asahi)
“Brooklyn Lager”(Kirin)
“Yonayona Ale”(Kirin)
* 3 types of craft beer are available from above. Please inquire our staff for more details.

Sparkling Wine,Sparkling Wine Cocktail(3types),Whisky“I.W.Harper”,Spirits“Japanese Dry Gin SAKURAO”,Cocktail“Mojito”

Non-alcoholic drinks course
2 hours free-flow drinks plus dishes.


¥6,000 (inc. service charge and tax)
Free-Flow Drinks
Original Cocktails
“Pom Citron”
“Passion Blanc”

Non-alcoholic beer, Non-alcoholic wine, Non-alcoholic cocktails, Vinegar drinks, Soft drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks course
A choice of three drinks plus dishes.


¥5,000 (inc. service charge and tax)
Please choose your favorite three drinks from the non-alcoholic drink course menu.

*Menu and programs may change without prior notice.

*All images used are for illustrative purposes only.

*The staff are happy to assist with allergy concerns.

For the Safety and Security

■To our dear Guests

At the Marunouchi Hotel, we have taken the following safety precautions to ensure the health of both our guests and our staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Wear a face mask

  • Sanitize the hands

  • Take the body temperature

We ask every guest to practice physical distancing with another guest.
We request that you do not use our facility if you experience a fever or do not feel well.

■Please refer preventive measures to our homepage.


May 15th [Fri.] – September 30th [Tue.] 2021The daily event will be canceled before hand in case of bad weather conditions.
17:30 – 22:00 (Last Order at 21:30)
Marunouchi Hotel, 8th Floor
French Restaurant“pomme d’Adam”, outdoor terrace



Precious moments with pomme d’Adam

A spacious ambience in which to enjoy special times.
Guests can also use our private rooms and open-air terrace.


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