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REFLEXOLOGY is a treatment of applying pressure mainly to the feet. Our feet have various reflex areas corresponding to the organs of the body. To apply pressure is effective to improve the circulation of blood and lymph and to reduce fatigue or stress. It is most suitable for the people who have stiff neck or shoulders, back pain, swollen legs, constipation, and insomnia. Periodic treatment of REFLEXOLOGY will also create the potential power of natural healing and make you healthy.
Our practitioners are all certificated with the JAPAN REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION. Healing music, aroma and skillful techniques of our practitioners will lead you to a relaxing dream world.

Open Hours

Monday – Sunday 15:00-23:30 (please reserve before 23:00)
※ reservation until the previous day is necessary for 12:00-15:00 massage
Please refrain from REFLEXOLOGY if you are under the conditions as follows;
・Have serious heart disease
・is under “athlete’s foot” treatment
・Is drunk
・Is at the early stage of pregnancy

Contact Us
Marunouchi Hotel Front Desk
Tel. 03-3217-1111/Fax. 03-3217-1115

Tariff / Course guide

【FOOT (Calf and foot)】
遊   Yuu    30min   5,000yen(5,400yen)
A quick treatment from calf to foot either by powder or treatment oil
鼓   Tsuzumi  60 min  10,000 yen(10,800yen)
Treatment using both powder and treatment oil from calf to back of foot
藤   Fuji    60 min  11,000yen(11,880yen)
This oil treatment is excellent to thoroughly relax the calf area
都   Miyako   90 min  15,000 yen(16,200yen)
Treatment using both powder and oil relieves tiredness of calf and foot

【BODY (Head・Upper brow・Back・Hand・Feet) 】
BODY (Head・Upper brow・Back・Hand・Feet)
毬   Mari    90 min  18,000 yen(19,440yen)
A course to relieve tension for guests with busy time schedule
舞   Mai    120 min  21,000yen(22,680yen)
Basic 120 minute course to relax both body and mind
琴   Koto    150 min  26,000 yen(28,080yen)
This course concentrates on sections where it is most stressed
雅   Miyabi   180 min  32,000 yen(34,560yen)
(Includes facial treatment)
Special course designed to relax, release stress and tiredness

【FACIAL(Upper brow・Head・Neck)】
艶   Tsuya   40 min   7,500yen(8,100yen)
Oil treatment to relieve tension on head and face 
弦 Gen    60 min   13,000 yen(14,040yen)
(with a facial pack)
Oil treatment from head, face, neck and upper chest area

[A] Neck & Back Reflexology 40 min 8,100 yen
Oil treatment to soothe from neck to back
[B] Face & Head Reflexology 30 min 5,400 yen
Treatment to relieve eye strain by stimulating facial and head tension
[C] Hand & Arm Reflexology 20 min 3,780 yen
Hand treatment by powder to relieve stress from hand to arm

Main effects
・To remove swelling of face, improve skin condition and state of metabolism
・To activate the organs and circulation of your whole body
・To loosen your anxiety and tension
・To keep the balance of the autonomic nerves

Contact Us
Marunouchi Hotel Front Desk
Tel. 03-3217-1111/Fax. 03-3217-1115

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