Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Marunouchi Hotel, Co. Ltd. (hereafter “the company”) takes the handling of its customers’ personal data very seriously, and sees its protection as a component of its basic business philosophy and social responsibility. The company endeavors to protect personal data in the following ways:

Rules Concerning Handling of Personal Data
In order that strict standards can be upheld with regard to the collection and usage of personal data, the company has laid out regulations for its proper handling, specifying a number of guidelines and basic rules to prevent unauthorized access to and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data.
Company-wide System
The company has implemented a company-wide system to ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the rules concerning the handling of personal data, such as appointing a figure of responsibility for data protection within each section of the company.
Personal Data Collection
When collecting personal information from customers, the company shall explicitly state to customers the purpose of the collection and the scope within which it will be used, and collect the information from customers as necessary only after having received their permission.
Use of Personal Information
The company shall only use customers’ personal data for the purposes and within the scope explicitly conveyed at the time of collection, and shall not use it for any other purpose or outside of this scope.
Secure Preservation Measures
The company takes the utmost care in storing customers’ personal data, implementing appropriate security measures and measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and so on.
Company Training
The company endeavors to protect personal data by implementing training for its employees pertaining to the handling of personal data and ensuring that the content of this training is circulated thoroughly within the company.
Third-party Restrictions
The company shall not reveal or provide customers’ personal data to third parties without permission, except in the following cases:
1) Following instruction to do so by law or similar.
2) When exceptional circumstances entail cooperating with administrative bureaus and so on.
3) When outsourcing the data to an outsourcee, within the scope of authorized usage.
4) When the data is used within the Marunouchi Hotel Group, within the scope of authorized usage.
Revealing and Amendment of Personal Data
If customers request to confirm or amend their personal information stored by the company, the company shall respond promptly to these requests, within reason and as is necessary.
Observance of Related Laws and Guidelines
The company will observe the Personal Data Protection Act, other related laws, and industry guidelines.
Continued Review of Personal Data Handling Regulations
The company shall continually review and improve its regulations pertaining to the handling of personal data and the organizational system created to implement those regulations, so that these can be overseen in an effective and appropriate manner. When collecting personal data from customers, the company shall do so only after explicitly stating the purpose in collecting the data and the scope within which it shall be used, and obtaining the customers’ consent in this.


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