Questions related to the Multi-purpose Meeting Room

How far in advance can I reserve the Multi-purpose Meeting Room?
We accept reservations from the beginning of the month of one year in advance of your desired reservation date.
What is the size of the room as well as its capacity?
Room size:51.5㎡
The room capacity for each seating arrangement is as follows:
Hollow Square seating arrangement: 16 people; U-shape seating arrangement: 12 to 14 people; and Auditorium seating arrangement: 24 people
Please refer to the Multi-purpose Meeting Room page for layout samples.
What is your cancellation policy?
The following charges will apply at the time of your cancellation.
59-10 days before the reserved date: 50%
9 days before until the reserved date: 100%
Is it possible to see the meeting room beforehand?
Yes, please let us know your preferred date and time.
(However, please note that it may not be possible depending on the availability.)
Is food & beverage catering service available at the Multi-purpose Meeting Room?
We offer sandwich boxes and Japanese lunch boxes at an additional cost.
Please set and serve the food and drinks at the table by yourselves.(Your order must be made in advance)
We kindly ask you not to order or bring in the food from outside.
Is it possible to extend the rental hours?
We can accept requests for extensions at an additional cost depending on the availability.
Is the Internet connection available in the Multi-purpose Meeting Room?
Wi-Fi and wired-LAN connection services are available in the Multi-purpose Meeting Room. 1Gbps Shared (Ethernet / Wireless): Complimentary
1Gbps Dedicated (Ethernet / Wireless): ¥22,000 (Inc. Tax)
For exclusive internet access for the meeting room, please make your request beforehand.
Is visual equipment such as a screen and projector available?
A screen, a projector, a DVD player, and a digital voice recorder are available for rental at an additional charge. Please make a request at the time of reservation.
Screen: 100 inches/16:10 aspect ratio, display size: W2154×H1346mm; Projector: 3,000 lm (with HDMI and RGB cables)
For other equipment, please contact us for details.
Can I use microphones?
The use of microphones for amplification purposes is not permitted.
Is there storage for baggage?
There is a closet in the meeting room.
Large pieces of luggage that do not fit in the closet can be taken care of at the Front Desk on the 7th floor.


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