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Christmas Dinner News : pomme d'Adam

2012. 11. 13

Period: Dec.19th, 2012 - Dec.25th, 2012

We stated reservation for Christmas Dinner.
Please enjoy special Christmas Dinner and live performance of the piano.


Christmas Dinner pomme d'Adam

Christmas Dinner pomme d'Adam


           Christmas Dinner Course
                ~Menu Noel~

・Mousse of chicken river
・Brandade Cod Fish and Sea Food
・Chicken Ravioli Truffle flavor
・Lobster and Mushroom 'Vol-au- vent'
・Roasted Venison Black Currant Souse
・Dessert of the day
・Espresso mousse
・Coffee or Tea                            


*The Dinner Course including a glass of champagne, white wine and red wine. If you prefer Non-alcohol, please tell restaurant staff at the time of a reservation.
*Ordinary Dinner Menu 'MENU POMME' and 'Moderne Francaise' are suspended during Dec.19th,2012 - Dec.25th,2012