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Christmas Dinner News : Pomme d' Adam

2013. 12. 9

Thursday 19 December 2013-Wednesday 25 December 2013

We proudly present Pomme d' Adam's special Christmas dinner course.
Please enjoy the holy night live performance of the Cello and the Violin.
(Live performance is on 21-25 December only)


           【Christmas Dinner Course】
                ~Menu Noel~

・Radish compote
・"Miror" Layers of scallop and sea urchin mousse
・Cannelloni roll of pigeon and lobster
・Red King crab meat Ravioli
・Bouillabaisse Marseille-style
・Roasted deer with pepper sauce
・Coffee roll cake with fruit mousse cup
・Coffee or Tea

※Includes a glass of champagne, white wine, and red wine.


※Includes a glass of champagne, white wine, and red wine.
(+ 2,000JPN to change to a glass of wine selected by our sommelier.)

If you cannot drink alcohol, please let the restaurant staff know
at the time of reservation.

※Regular Dinner Menu is suspended during 19-25 December 2013.